My name is Lennart Gabeler, and this is my portfolio. Stocked with geo-works, but also logos, websites and other (graphic) expressions that I've made for clients, schoolrelations and even governmental braches.
I'm 26 years and I study Geo Media & Design at Aeres Hogeschool in Almere. I also study a bachelor minor Urban Planning at Hogeschool Rotterdam in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
My specialty:
GIS, geo-analysis and design (both graphical and interactive, also 3D-design)
If you happen to know, or are involved with an organization that researches, advises and or practices spatial design - city planning - social, ecologic or urban design proffesionally, or is geographically preparing for environmental impact regarding climate change, then I would love to hear from you.

E-mail me:
Or call me on: +31 6 24453472